Chairman’s Report




Chairman’s Report for the term 10th April 2019 – 25th March 2020

 My report this year is written in rather unusual times and will not be delivered in the normal circumstances of an A.G.M.

 The annual general meeting was to take place on Wednesday 25th March 7-15p.m. but due to the current coronavirus crisis has been cancelled. Any further meetings and social/fund raising events are unlikely to take place over these coming months, possibly even twelve months. Normally I would be wishing you all an enjoyable and beautiful summer on the bowling green unfortunately all competitions and large gatherings are off. However the green is open to members and is in excellent condition.

   I feel it is a personal decision about the use of the green. If all sensible precautions are taken and the green is free, members playing with a partner or member of their householdcould use this as an opportunity to enjoy a leisurely game of bowls in these times of confinement. I would however say that problems would occur if others were on the green as groups are banned.

  The green opens on Friday 10th April (Good Friday).

  Sadly our president Eileen Wren passed away during the late Autumn, our thoughts andcondolences to her family.

1. Membership for last year was forty nine two down from the previous year. For the first time we held a social evening at the Community Centre raising £345. It was a beautiful warm June (28th) evening and was extremely successful with games, quiz, wine and cheese.

More recently Friday 14th February Lesley Halliwell and Janet Aspin organised a joint karaoke and wine evening at the Community Centre. This raised £215 for the club which due to the ongoing crisis could be a life blood to the club as any further social events are unlikely to take place. Thanks Janet and Lesley for your foresight.

2. Fees for membership have had to be raised this year due to increased expenditure with Adults £25, Family £50 and over seventies £20.

Hopefully with continued support we should just be able to meet our financial commitments over the next twelve months.

3. The weather for the spring doubles, knock-out and gents and ladies singles was kind once again. We had our annual game with Whitehall  on our green on Sunday  July 14th raising £116 for our club. President’s Day on Sunday 15th September still had fine weather and raised £40

4. Sponsorship                                                                                                                                             

Once again we are indebted to Edwin Ainsworth Ltd. Funeral Directors Church Bank Street who have continued to sponsor us. Many, many thanks Greg and Tricia Dabrowski.

5. Rent 

We withheld rent payments for a short period of time last year over the ongoing problem of the collapsed fencing. Eventually they agreed it was their responsibility to repair the fencing. Thanks to Ian Riley for pursuing the matter on behalf of the club.Rent payments have now been put back on direct debit.

6. Maintenance of grounds and green

Eric Collins from Whitehall has continued to help us restore the green with help and advice. He recommended Turfgear Amenity Services from St. Annes who have a special machine for deep spiking of the green to aid aeration and allow air ,water and nutrients to the green. With recommenced fertilisers, new grass seed and lawn sand the cost was £578.08. This  took a whole day in early October and the results have been amazing. 

Alan Bury completed the new path and steps to the pavilion during January and the original path is now shut off.

The banking underneath  the old path has continued to collapse and this is going to be an ongoing problem which will need to be addressed in the foreseeable  future .

The fencing has been mended on the east side of the green and the gate moved nearer the path from Sunnyhurst lane. Also there is a new gate on the west side of the green for easy access to remove green waste. Thanks again to Dave Almond for mowing the green 

7. Joining a league

This really is a nonstarter until we have a rich donor. Toilets are a necessity and minimum cost would be about £5,000 with all the necessary work. I did hope now that the green has been restored to arrange a few friendlies but with the present situation this will not happen.

Finally thanks to all members for their support during this last year. What the future now holds for the club I cannot say. With the ongoing coronavirus outbreak our finances will obviously be affected and we are ever reliant on donations and peoples good will to continue.

The most important thing however is for each one of you to look after yourselves during these troubling times. Take care God Bless.


John Hacking (Chairman)



Sunnyhurst Bowling Club

Chairman’s Report for the term 25th March 2015-23rd March 2016

Twelve months has flown by and hopefully the wet winter days have past and spring sunshine will begin our new season on Sunday April 10th.

Once again I thank Denis our President and particularly Elizabeth our secretary who has continued throughout the year despite being restricted (and incapacitated during the last few months) with a major hip problem. Many thanks to you both for your continued and reliable support and advice!

Looking back to my first chairman’s report of two years ago and the aims set down:

  1. Need to increase membership.

Membership now stands at seventy two (not including youngsters who are part of family membership) . This is a successful increase but an area that still needs constant work as we are self-reliant .R.O.S.A. have kindly agreed to us having a small stall handing out membership forms and encouraging membership at the May Day celebrations on Sunday 1st May.

We have also welcomed two new committee members Mrs.Emma Lowe and Mr. Chris Thayne and anyone else wishing to join our jolly band would be most welcome!!

  1. Awareness of our fantastic bowling green I feel has grown. Hopefully the stall on May Day will further this community asset and make people aware that bowls can be enjoyed by anyone from nine to ninety!(also it is next to the Sunnyhurst pub!!)
  2. Regarding competitions the President’s cup was a thoroughly enjoyable day and again blessed with fine weather and £111 was raised by the raffle. The Men’s and Ladies singles competitions continued to be fought with great rivalry and humour.

The Spring Doubles competition which was aimed at being played over a few months often proved difficult for couples to find a suitable date to play although the original aim of club members meeting and getting to know each other did prove successful. This year we are going to use this competition as an early season get together to be played on one day. ( Sunday April 24th 1-30p.m.)

The Knock-Out we have moved to mid-season (Sunday July 3rd 1-30p.m.)

  1. Sponsorship

A special thanks to Michael Hindle of Outdoor Action, King Street, Blackburn who sponsored us last season and has pledged his support for a further season.

For the coming season Edwin Ainsworth Ltd. Funeral Directors Church Bank Street have kindly agreed to also sponsor us.

Furthermore we have agreed to advertise Belgrave Carpets , Bolton Road , Darwen on our literature etc. in return for their support.

These extra funds make a real difference to the continued survival of the club.

  1. Funding

Outside funding has continued to prove difficult due partially to lack of water and toilet facilities. I have managed to get in touch with a Mr. Liam Kilbride of United Utilities who has agreed to help regarding water. He has looked up the lay- out of nearby water pipes and said that water connection would be no problem. However he can only proceed with the consent of the local council authority who own the green and payment for the connection must come from them. I await the council reply! I have also been told that Captia are no longer responsible for collection of rent !

  1. Sunnyhurst Bowling Club Website

At last we are in the process of designing our own website which will hopefully be ready for the start of the season. Many thanks to Dave Shepherd who put me in touch with Web Design By Magic based at the business centre at Ewood Park. The cost being £250 which I felt was within our budget.

I will let everyone know further details once up and running.

One area of concern that came to light at the beginning of last season was that the club was not insured. A lapse seems to have occurred on the death of the previous treasurer with possibly renewals going to her address. We are now insured with the help of Alan Brocklebank through Coversure Insurance Services at a cost of £217-20. I have already put our rental costs on a direct debit and will do the same for the insurance on the next renewal date .

Two successful friendly matches with Whitehall Bowling Club took place and we hope to arrange dates again this year. We had arranged a match against Sunnybank Social Club Haslingden but this had to be cancelled due to the weather.

I will make further reference to green and ground maintenance further down the agenda but I have not retained the services of Green Up who maintained the green. Dave Almond who already cuts the green is going to take over this responsibility.

Many thanks must be given to Dave Almond for his work on the green and general help with the general maintenance of the surroundings. We would be lost without him!

We did have a break in sometime during late October to the wooden hut and several tools were stolen . A new lock has been purchased and wooden panels had to be nailed back on surrounding the green.

I must thank all members for their support throughout this past year and let us hope the weather will smile kindly upon during the coming months.

Finally on Friday 15th April there will be a social and fund raising evening at 85, Earnsdale 7-00p.m. / 11-30p.m. (Tickets £6) to begin the new season.

John Hacking (Chairman)