Whitehall Friendly is the hottest since 76

In the words of the Daily Mirror 1976 “Whew what a scorcher”

To say the green was quick on the day given the 30 deg heatwave was an understatement.

The Whitehall Green was at its most dangerous with boomerang corners and ski slopes encouraging those without the tenderest touches to hit the gully during their first few bowls without trying.

This didnt put off our friendly competition which saw members from opposing clubs paired with each other adding to the social aspect of the occasion.

A good number turned out and the comp lasted until around 5pm following a competitive yet friendly game.

As usual the Whitehall members did us proud with refreshments and  a wide selection of cakes and fancies.

Its back to Sunnyhurst next year and once we have the full results of this wonderful day out they will be posted on your website.



Team selection

Team selection

Team selection